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Casting Call: Murder on the Orient Express

Mrs. Hubbard is your classic, widowed American socialite. She's the older lady who you love to hate: fussy, talkative, and quite annoying. As another suspect in the murder, Maggie Smith could perfectly complain about Poirot's interrogation.

Whoever plays Greta Ohlsson has big shoes to fill. For her conflicting role as both a Swedish missionary and suspect, Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for best supporting actress in the original film. Despite Noomi Rapace's reputation for playing the bad girl, we think she could also convince the audience of her innocence.

He might not have the most prominent role (in fact, he's hardly seen), but Mr. Ratchett provides the basis of the entire plot. Without him, there would be no murder mystery. For the brief encounters with Poirot before his timely death, we'd like to see Steven Gevedon play the American business tycoon.

Another suspect was Hector McQueen, Ratchett's secretary and translator. As revealed later in the film, he and another suspect sedated Ratchett on the train. Described as a tall American (we'd also like to throw in good-looking), who could better play the part than Chris Pine?

After Ratchett is discovered dead, the train company's director M. Bianchi asks Poirot to investigate the murder. As he is not a suspect himself, Bianchi helps Poirot question the passengers. Treat Williams could easily play Poirot's right-hand man.

Whether the producers remake the film as a period piece or contemporary movie, Eddie Marsan is fit to play lead Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. With his experience in Sherlock Holmes and The Illusionist as well as Law and Order and Criminal Justice, Marsan is well equipped to honor Albert Finney's original performance.