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Casting Call: Peter Pan

Though delicate and pretty, Tinker Bell is bizarrely territorial when it comes to Peter. This leads her to act out in vindictive ways, particularly towards Wendy. We think the stunning Imogen Poots could embody both the desirable and less desirable qualities of Peter's BFF.

Every good villain has a right-hand man, and Captain Hook's is Mr. Smee. More bumbling charm than coldhearted evil, Mr. Smee is the dimwitted fellow who helps Hook pull off his evil plans. We think Zach Galifianakis would be an unexpected and hilarious choice.

Peter Pan's nemesis, Captain Hook, is the evil pirate who fears nothing but a solitary crocodile and the sight of his own blood (supposedly the color is rather unnatural). We think Christoph Waltz would bring all the flair and eccentricity necessary to play this famous villain.

As Wendy Darling, Saoirse Ronan would be ethereal enough to capture the attention of young Peter while also embodying the wisdom and maturity to know the pitfalls of refusing to grow up. We know she is a favorite of Joe Wright; he directed her in both Atonement and Hanna.

Nicholas Hoult has the boyish good looks of Peter Pan. We can't really imagine him aging rapidly in the forthcoming years, which makes him an ideal casting choice if this turns into a franchise. His role in Jack the Giant Slayer gave him experience wielding knives in a fantasy setting, and when it comes down to it, he's just easy to look at—even when wearing the color green.

The beautiful daughter of the leader of a Native American tribe on the island of Neverland, Tiger Lily is kidnapped and nearly killed by Captain Hook but is rescued in the nick of time by Peter. Selena Gomez has good looks to play this physically attractive but underdeveloped character.