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New Again: Christmas Faxes

Romeo Gigli: "Dearest Ronnie: Borneo. Lombok. Sulawesi. Timor. New Guinea. I think only of carved wood. I play around with these shields like a little boy. Would you like to come play with me? Love, Romeo."

Geoffrey Beene: "If you were to send a Christmas fax, to whom would you send it?  
—I would send it to whomever would forgive me.
What would the message be?
—If the fax were known, I forgot to send my Christmas cards early enough—so Merry Christmas, dear friend! Geoffrey.
Thought for the new year?
—Fasten your seatbelt! (Sketch attached)."

Martin Margiela: "I sent you a fax that would make you call, so I could wish you a White Christmas."