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Dior Glamour: 1952 to 1962

Weiswiller Apt, 1960.

Model in Dior in Hotel Particulier of Alec and Francine Weisweiler Paris, France, 1960.



Kouka at Night, 1961

Ciel de feu dress, Autumn-Winter 1961, Haute Couture collection, Charme 62 line.



Buyers with Model in Ballet Dress, 1954. 

American designer John Moore and Mattie Talmack at the house of Dior in 1954. Talmack explains the significance of Dior's new H Line 'flat" look as viewed on model Odile. Moore went on to design Marilyn Monroe's wedding dress when she married Arthur Miller in 1956. 



De Ribes, 1959

Vicomtesse Jacqueline de Ribes wearing the Ibis dress. Spring/Summer 1959, Haute Couture collection, Longue Line.



Lee Radziwill, 1960.

Lee Radziwill in Dior. Captured by Mark Shaw in Radziwill's London home. 



Dior by Yves Saint Laurent, 1958

Dior Haute Couture in Bois de Boulogne, 1958