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Casting Call: War and Peace

Hélène's hedonistic brother (the one she is rumored to have had an incestuous relationship with) Anatol Kuragin is not a big fan of morality. Ben Barnes proved he is excellent at acting immorally in Dorian Gray, plus he's easy on the eyes.



Andrej Bolkonsky is a handsome, bright prince who is so bored with his marriage that he goes to war against Napoleon. He eventually meets and falls in love with the alluring Natasha, however he puts off marrying her because she is half his age and not his social equal. The role was recently tackled by Malcolm McDowell and that can only be topped with the one and only Daniel Day-Lewis.

The illegitimate son of a Russian aristocrat, Pierre Bezukhov is the central protagonist in Tolstoy's epic novel. Often thought to be based on Tolstoy himself, Pierre is kind and attractive, but impulsive and mischievous. He faces many an existential crisis throughout the narrative, and eventually finds happiness with the beautiful Natasha Rostova. Unquestionably handsome and a believable bad boy, we can see James McAvoy struggling to fit into Russia's upper class.


Like Cher or Madonna, Napoleon is a person so famous and powerful, he need only be referred to by one name. A brilliant, power hungry political and military leader, Napoleon was on track to help the French take over the world until he went ahead and invaded Russia in 1812. Daniel Brühl convincingly played a Nazi in Inglorious Bastards, and we reckon he would do a similarly brilliant job as Napoleon.


Sexually charged and a relentless social climber, what Hélène Kuragin lacks in intelligence she makes up for in promiscuity and a terrifying lack of shame. She is even rumored to have slept with her own brother. She's also married to Pierre, but needless to say she isn't particularly faithful. We think Olivia Wilde would be the ideal choice for this sordid temptress.


Natasha Rostova is a waiflike, vivacious countess who was once portrayed by Audrey Hepburn. Her escapades are mostly romantic and she has a penchant for the dramatic (she's been known to attempt suicide when things don't go her way). Not only is Léa Seydoux impossibly beautiful, her recent Palme d'Or win proves she can do just about anything. We think she would be captivating in 19th-century aristocratic garb.