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Casting Call: Cruella De Vil

Henchmen generally come in groups of two to facilitate witty banter unrelated to the main plotline. We think Danny McBride would be an excellent choice to partake in evil henchman banter with Russell Brand as Horace, Henchman No. 2.


Anita Dearly is smart, kind, and alluring enough to make Roger, a fun-loving bachelor, settle down. Who's more alluring than Rachel McAdams? Her and Wilson looked so cute together in Wedding Crashers.

Photo by Max Vadukul, Interview, July 2005.

Tilda Swinton has Cruella de Vil's bony physique and the icy look of a puppy slayer. She also has the acting ability to transform de Vil from a two-dimensional Disney villain into a sociopathic criminal mastermind. Finally, both Swinton and de Vil have amazing hair.

Photo by Max Vadukul, Interview, August 2000


Whether writing jingles or solving the government's tax crisis, Roger Dearly is an animal lover and family man. The affable Owen Wilson could convincingly play a fellow who delights in caring for 101 dogs. Just look at him with this chimp.

Photo by Bruce Weber,
Interview, May 2000.


Nanny is the Dearlys' beloved nanny (shocking). We think Dame Maggie Smith's prickly, sarcastic humor would bring the character some much-needed sass. 


Mass dognapping is physically demanding, which is why de Vil has evil henchman to do most of the dirty work. Jasper is one such henchman. We think Russell Brand would look pretty hilarious stealing puppies.