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Casting Call: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Dumbledore would have been one of Scamander's professors during his time at Hogwarts, so naturally Scamander might consult with the wise wizard before accepting his book offer as well as throughout his travels. Since Dumbledore would be significantly younger, we would cast Cary Elwes.

Photo by Tony Kent,
Interview, February 1996.

As a recent graduate of Hogwarts and new employee at the Ministry of Magic, Newt Scamander is an inquisitive fellow about to write a book on magical creatures. His journey—whatever Rowling makes it—will obviously include every sort of beast and insect as he rises to become a famed magizoologist. Casting might be a tough call, but as one of Britain's most promising young actors, we think Ben Whishaw fits the role. After critics hailed him as the next Laurence Olivier, Whishaw will surely be able to transform Scamander from a Hufflepuff graduate to Hogwarts headmaster.

Photo by Trent McGinn, Interview, December 2005/January 2006




To accompany his research on magical beasts, Scamander must have a love life—how could such a curious and well-traveled wizard not? If Rowling incorporates a romantic subplot, we'd like to see her cast Hayley Atwell



Ranking beneath the Minister of Magic, we'll probably see interactions with the Head of the Beast Division—the department in which Scamander works. As the Head of the Beast Division, Kathy Burke would be a quintessential wizard, obsessed with everything from Hippogriffs to giants and gnomes alike. 



That said, we think it is more likely (and less clichéd) that Scamander will consult his former headmaster (and Sirius' ancestor) Phineas Black. Obviously Jeremy Irons should play the sinister, Muggle-disdaining wizard. 


In the event of a plot-twisting flash-forward, Rowling might bring back Luna Lovegood (who would be our only repeat actress—Evanna Lynch) in a cameo appearance alongside Scamander's grandson, Rolf Scamander. To play Luna's counterpart, we would cast Eddie Redmayne in a heartbeat.

Photo by Peter Lindberg,
Interview, September 2011.