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MADE for Peroni Second Annual Young Designer Awards Finalists

NAME: Bela Shehu

AGE: 34

CITY: New York, NY

INSPIRATION: “Artist [ahr-tist]: A God feeling person who possesses the urge to share his/her interpretation of life with an audience.”

NAME: Wisit Prapong

AGE: 36

CITY: Los Angeles, CA

INSPIRATION: "This vintage inspired dress is an update on the classic Italian style of La Dolce Vita—modern, luxe, and carefree."

NAME: Shuh Jiuan Ng

AGE: 29

CITY: Miami, FL

INSPIRATION:“I had in mind Italian style icon Anna Dello Russo when I designed this statement sleeve. I call it the ADR sleeve.”

NAME: Chris Gelinas

AGE: 29

CITY: New York, NY

INSPIRATION: “The attitude and mood of this piece was inspired by two great Italian filmmakers: Michelangelo Antonioni and his film The Passenger, and Bernardo Bertolucci and his film Last Tango in Paris. Both of these films have a carefree beauty and aesthetic richness that feels characteristic to Italian style.”

NAME: Joseph Singh

AGE: 28

CITY: New York, NY

INSPIRATION: "My design aesthetic focuses on transforming my inspiration into dark, mysterious, and visually complex designs. I finesse and manipulate high-quality fabrics into modern, chic, and timeless investment pieces characterized by exquisite tailoring and intelligent design. My signature look, extracted from my full thesis collection inspired by my grandfather’s funeral, is comprised of the laser-cut leather pleated skirt and the semi-sheer blouse paired with the leather jacket. The skirt serves as a metaphor for open wounds that one feels upon losing a loved one, while the jacket represents the burden of despair on the shoulders that accompanies such a loss. Ultimately, this look expressly represents my ability to design clothing that possesses the essential Italian tenets of superior construction and chic appearance with a focus on detailing down to the millimeter."