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Casting Call: Rosemary's Baby

No one plays the endearing ingénue quite like Carey Mulligan. In fact, Mulligan seems to exclusively play naïve, damsel-like characters (Drive, The Great Gatsby, An Education, Shame), and there is no damsel more distressed than Rosemary. Plus, what other working actress can pull off Mia Farrow's signature blonde boy-cut?

Photo by Mikael Jansson, Interview, April 2010


Portrayed by John Cassavetes in the original, Guy Woodhouse is handsome and manipulative yet also a "victim" of his desire for success. The undeniably attractive Alexander Skarsgård is adept at playing characters with complex motives and questionable morals (The East, True Blood). And we think he and Mulligan would look damn good together.

Photo by Steven Klein, Interview, May 2011


Few actors could successfully out-creep Jessica Lange, but one such actor is Michael Shannon. Sure, he's a little young for the role, but that's what makeup is for. Shannon has a history of making bizarre project choices (Premium Rush, Machine Gun Preacher, that reading he did of the Delta Gamma sorority letter) so we're pretty sure he'd be into playing Roman Castevet.

Photo Robbie Fimmano, Interview, January 2013



Yet another unsavory character, Dr. Sapirstein is in cahoots with the Castevets and tasked with ensuring Rosemary's demon-child arrives safely into this world. Crispin Glover will bring a welcome dose of strange to the television adaptation. We can't exactly predict how he will approach the role, but even the notion of Glover delivering a child is terrifying.




Every naïve young lady needs a kindhearted older gentleman to listen to her tales of woe and get to the bottom of her mysterious ailments. Enter Hutch, the fellow who nearly warns Rosemary about the evils that have befallen her when he "coincidentally" slips into a coma and dies. There is no older actor we would rather be friends with than Michael Caine, making him born to play the role.

Photo Aaron Rapoport,
Interview, June 1986


Anyone who watches American Horror Story knows Jessica Lange is masterful at channeling pure evil. We'd pick her as our Minnie Castevet because if anyone can make us believe they are pals with Satan himself, it's Lange.