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Casting Call: King Harald

We can't explain why Leonardo DiCaprio has his heart set on doing a Viking film—maybe because it's the one thing he hasn't done—but we do know that with him on board, it's likely to be done right. He's already in the works to produce the film, but apparently Leo is also eyeing the lead role as well. DiCaprio's done the long-haired look before; now all he needs is a thick, braided beard. Some abs wouldn't hurt, too (no offense Leo, but...).

Photo by Bruce Weber, Interview, June 1994


Magnus the Good is quite a name for King Harald's nephew, but then again, so is Alexander Skarsgård, who we think should play the young conqueror. Having no male heirs of his own, Magnus the Good was King Harald's successor until the King ditched him for his enemy and declared war on his own family. Skarsgard also starred in True Blood, so if vampires are the new Vikings, he should fit right in.

Photo by Steven Klein, Interview, May 2011


Olaf Haraldsson fought in battle with his brother King Harald and the two worked closely to conquer kingdoms. Daniel Craig has the build to play a Viking, and we'd love to see him play King Leo's brother.

Photo by Sam Taylor Johnson, Interview, July 2007



We imagine King Harald's second (and simultaneous) wife Tora Torbergsdatter as a younger Charlize Theron, just to inject some extra drama into the plotline. Isabel Lucas is equally as stunning as Theron and played the goddess Athena in a tight dress in the film Immortals.

Photo by Craig McDean, Interview, November 2011

We've chosen Charlize Theron to play King Harald's first wife Elisabeth because we already know she can play a fierce queen (Snow White and the Huntsman), and who doesn't want to see Theron and DiCaprio standing next to each other for two hours?

Photo by Mikael Jansson, Interview, June 2012


Mads Mikkelsen is one of those actors who is always good at playing bad. Having already stared as Daniel Craig's enemy in Casino Royal, we think he would make a good Sweyn II Estridsson, King Harald's nemesis and eventual partner.