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Casting Call: My Cross to Bear

My Cross to Bear will focus on Gregg Allman's early years and the formation of the Allman Brothers. Since the film will use both original Allman Brothers tracks and re-recorded performances by the cast, it's necessary for the actors to be somewhat musically capable. Garrett Hedlund has potential to give a solid performance as the younger Allman brother. Despite not having a musical background, Hedlund has already proven his musical chops in the 2010 film Country Strong.


Ryan Gosling has made the most of his career so far. He went from playing young Hercules and the hopeful romantic Noah Calhoun to grittier film rolls that he still managed to make relatable—a hit man driver, a gangster, a ladies' man, a bank robber (you get the point). Along with having a strikingly similar appearance to bassist Berry Oakley (minus the long hair), we believe Gosling could manage adding rock-'n'-roll legend to the list.


Charlie Hunnam's preternatural ability to portray a scruffy, leather-clad badass biker in Sons of Anarchy makes him a top contender to play the lead guitarist and elder Allman brother, Duane Allman, who died in a motorcycle accident shortly after the band reached their peak success. The role isn't far from the British actor's current television character, but according to his interviews, Hunnam is avoiding "pretty boy" roles like the plague. So it's a win-win.


Lukas Haas looks like Dickey Betts' long-lost son. In addition to his strange resemblance to the former Allman Brothers' guitarist, Haas has a musical background to back his performance. As drummer and pianist for the band, The Rogues, he would be the most viable candidate to fill Dickey Betts' shoes.


Yes, Ryan Hurst is another Sons of Anarchy cast member. But what distinguishes Hurst from the rest is his most recent collaboration with Miller for his role as Mad Mountain in CBGB. Assuming Miller and Hurst have already established a positive working relationship, he would be a convenient choice for fouding drummer Butch Trucks.


Gregg Allman's younger years couldn't be depicted properly without including his then-wife, Cher. It's unclear whether the "Goddess of Pop" will be featured in the storyline, but including a principal female character would be a breath of fresh air from the endless testosterone that all-male rock bands tend to exude. Portraying Cher seems a bit daunting, but we believe Emmy Rossum could handle the role without butchering it. With her genre-transcending music and similar bone structure, Rossum would make a convincing enough Cher.