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Armchair Traveler: Male Gaze

Jacques André, Unititled, 2013, two kettlebells, 40 and 32 kg. On view at Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels, through May 24.



Alex Israel, Self-Portrait, 2013, acrylic and bondo on fiberglass, 69 x 60 x 3 in. On view at Peres Projects, Berlin, through June 15.



Llyn Foulkes, Deliverance, 2007, mixed media, 72 x 84 in. Courtesy the artist and Kent Gallery, New York. Photo by Randel Urbauer. On view at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, through May 19.



Jonathan Monk, Covered Motorbike, 2013, Bronze, 131 x 221 x 99cm. On view at Lisson Gallery, Milan, through July 19.