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New Again: Inventions for the New Year, January 1995

"A serum to erase hatred and bigotry from the human condition." —Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man


"A machine that could visually record your dreams." —Sonya Aurora-Madan, lead singer, echobelly


"A cloning device that would enable me to be in two places at once." —Nathalie Marciano, footwear designer


"A transporter that makes cruel people naked (especially Republicans) and sends them to remote villages in Laos or Cambodia." —Moby, techno musician

"A birth control pill for men." —Lou Barlow, songwriter and guitarist, Sebadoh


"The invention of equality between men and women." —Judy Chicago, visual artist

"A telephone video watch." —David Hasselhoff, singer and star of Baywatch


"A very slow time machine, so that I can set off for the year 2000, the year of my death assuming my full biblical span, but not arrive until a million years from now." —J.G. Ballard, author (who lived, in fact, until 2009)

"A baloney detection kit, so every citizen can tell when she or he is being lied to by those in power." —Carl Sagan, scientist