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Casting Call: Carson The Magnificent

Kevin Spacey has already proven his ability to channel the talk-show legend with his stellar impersonations on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Inside The Actor's Studio. We think he'd make the perfect Johnny Carson.

Photo by Rankin, Interview, December/January 2008

Carson often invited Carl Sagan on the The Tonight Show and the two became good friends. Carson even did a famous impersonation of the astronomer. We already trust John Krasinski's ability to play a nerd.

Carson was an important mentor to David Letterman and helped to foster his career. Woody Harrelson might be a bit old to play a young Letterman, but we think with their similar looks, he can pull it off.


Alexis Maas might've been Carson's fourth wife, but with 17 years of matrimony, it was his longest dance with marriage. With a quick hair dye, Christina Hendricks could embody the curvaceous blonde.


As Carson's sidekick, Ed McMahon had quite a presence and knack for laughs. Will Ferrell could easily morph into McMahon's character.

Carson and Wayne Newton had a famous feud, in which Newton called Carson a "mean-spirited human being." We don't know if this will be portrayed in the film, but the idea of Jack Black as Wayne Newton is hilarious.