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Casting Call: All of Me

Edwina Cutwater is extremely spoiled and entitled—she has enough money to do anything she wants in life, but because of her illness, she's never been able to see or experience the world.  Jesse Eisenberg has the quick wit of Edwina, and is very comfortable playing someone with a lot of social shortcomings (Adventureland, The Social Network). In this modern retelling of the story, the male version of Edwina wouldn't be coveting clothes and ponies, but technology and gadgets. Eisenberg is adorable and slightly geeky, with a Woody Allen-esque voice that would be perfect for this part.


Peggy Schuyler is Roger’s girlfriend and his boss’s daughter. She’s uptight and doesn’t really understand Roger or his passions. They contemplate getting married, but Roger is afraid of commitment. With the gender swap, this girlfriend would become a boyfriend and we'd like to see played by Joel McHale. We’ve seen him play the controlling jerk on Community, and we’d love to see what kind of chemistry he and Maya Rudolph would have together.   

Roger's boss, Burton Schuyler, is a loud, boisterous misogynist who tries to get Roger to see everything his way. Roger does everything to please this man, all the while gritting his teeth and trying to figure out how to get a promotion. Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor would bring a great sense of humor and command of the screen to Schuyler.

Prahka Lasa is the voodoo master in charge of all of the soul swapping. Edwina and Roger try to hunt him down throughout the movie to make everything right. Sacha Baron Cohen, has played every type of character, from a fake Italian barber (Sweeney Todd) to a flamboyant Austrian fashion presenter (Brüno). Cohen could hopefully bring his chameleon abilities to flesh out this character as the elusive key to solving the primary dilemma in All of Me.

Terry Hoskins is the daughter of Edwina's stable hand. Edwina plans to switch her soul to Terry's body after she dies. Terry is a beautiful British hippie who decides to use the voodoo magic to get rid of her own soul and become one with the universe, allowing Edwina's soul to enter her body. As the movie develops you see Terry become much more then just some hippie chick. Robert Sheehan is a young Irish actor who is working his way up from British television and theater to film. He's known for his work on the TV series Misfits and Love/Hate and has also starred in films such as Cherrybomb (2009) and Killing Bono (2011). He'd be great in this role as the mysterious "stable boy."


Roger Cobb is a lawyer who plays in a jazz band on the side. On his 38th birthday, he decides to give up playing in the jazz band to try and move forward with his law career, even if it makes him unhappy. Roger is a character at a crossroads who is trying to regain himself in more ways than one. We'd like to see Maya Rudolph take on the starring role as the lawyer. It's about time she stepped further out into the spotlight. And, should Dreamworks keeps up the original frustrated-musician thread, Rudolph is in a Prince cover band.