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Casting Call: Poltergeist

Tangina Barrons is the spirit medium hired to communicate with, and hopefully expel, the Freelings' poltergeist. We imagine spirit mediums as quite eccentric and smelling of incense, and we love it when Jessica Lange gets to play someone eccentric.


Diane Freeling is Steve's wife and a homemaker. Katie Holmes is most famous for being a wife and, it seems, is toying with the idea of reviving her acting career. With Katie as Diane, everybody wins!

Photo by Max Vadukul,
Interview, March 2000.


Steven Freeling, a real estate agent, accidentally moves his family into a hotbed of mean-spirited specters, aka Cuesta Verde, California, which was built over a cemetery. We would like Peter Sarsgaard to play our Steven, in part because we found this darling photo of him from one of our '01 issues in which he still has hair.

Photo by Paola Kudacki, Interview, March 2000.

Dana Freeling is another child of Diane and Steven. She's not that important and gets sent away with her brother once the real action begins. We're going to nominate Isabelle Furhman, because she looked very scary in the posters for the movie Orphan and horror films need characters like that to sow the seeds for a sequel.


The youngest child of Diane and Steve, Carol Anne Freeling, is a bit of a nuisance. It is Carol Anne who becomes entrance by strange static emanating from the television, Carol Anne who announces, "They're here," and Carol Anne who manages to get kidnapped by the poltergeist via a portal in his closet. Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka has already proven that she can play a nuisance successfully and sympathetically. We nominate her for the part of Carol A.

Dr. Lesh is a parapsychologist from UC Irvine who tries to help the Freelings. We're going to cast Sally Field as our Lesh. She once starred in a television show about a flying nun, so we're pretty sure she can do anything.