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Casting Call: The Flamingo Kid

The beautiful Carla Samson is Jeffrey's love interest and Phil Brody's niece. In the original film, she is played by Janet Jones. We hear that Janet Jones has a daughter that acts with her husband, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. As there are insufficient pictures of said daughter on IMDB, however, we've decided to forgo the nepotism and cast Dark Shadow's Bella Heathcote instead.

Photo by Gregory Harris, Interview, May 2011.  

In the remake of an '80s teen film, it is only fitting that we cast a former '80s teen star. Our extended Brat Pack representative is John Cusack, who we think should play Phil Brody. Come on, Cusack, show us your best Gordon Gekko. 

Photo by Greg Gorman, Interview, December 1990. 

Our pick to for Jeffrey Willis is Nicholas Hoult. You may recognize him from A Single Man, Skins, or tabloid photos of him walking down the street with his girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence. You probably do not recognize him from the 2002 film About A Boy. He's got a mischevious twinkle in his eyes that can transition quickly from seductive to naïve, and his star is on the rise with upcoming roles in Mad Max and Jack the Giant Killer. 

In the 2010 film Submarine, Welsh actor Craig Roberts was wonderful as the slightly odd, Rushmore-style protagonist. He needs to be in more movies, and we'd like him to be in this one as Jeffrey's friend and fellow gin-rummy player, the wise-cracking Hawk Ganz.

In the original film, Jessica Walter played Phil Brody's wife, Phyllis Brody. For this reason—really, only this reason—we are going to cast Portia de Rossi, who played Jessica Walter's daughter on Arrested Development, as our Phyllis.



For the part of Jeffrey's bewildered father, Arthur Willis, who just wants his son to go to college and secure a stable future, we choose Shea Whigman. The actor is most famous as Elias "Eli" Thompson on Boardwalk Empire—also a somewhat bewildered man with children.