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Casting Call: American Psycho

Brittany Snow encompasses the innocent look and bubbly attitude that Reese Witherspoon brought to the character of Bateman's fiancée, Evelyn Williams, in 2000.

Photo by Doug Inglish, Interview, June/July 2008.

With some grown-out hair, a clean-shaven face, and his boyish features, Jake Gyllenhaal could be next up for the role of Paul Allen, one of Bateman's coworkers.

Photo by Rodolfo Martinez, Interview, August 2001.

Although Irish actress and New York native Saoirse Ronan is young, she definitely has a mature demeanor that can allow her to fit the script of Patrick's secretary, Jean, originally played by Chloe Sevigny.

Jesse Bradford looks like a young Justin Theroux, who originally played the role of Timothy Bryce, and could unquestionably fit in as one of Bateman's rich, tailored coworkers.

Photo by Roberto D'Este, Interview, July 2005.

We think Denis Leary brings has the right attributes to play Detective Donald Kimball, the man searching for the truth regarding Paul Allen's disappearance.

Photo by Danielle St. Laurent, Interview, May 2007.

Actor and musician Miles Fisher covered Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place" with a music video reenacting scenes from American Psycho. He has an unbelievable resemblance to Bale and just the perfect energy to fulfill the sick and twisted yuppie that is Patrick Bateman