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Armchair Traveler: Day Trip

Charline Con Heyl, Black Stripe Mojo, 2009. Acrylic and oil on linen. 82 x 72 inches. On view at Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Germany through September 30.

Daniele Buetti, Oh boy oh boy XII-C, 2012. Pigment print behind Diasec, laser countour cut. 72⅚ x 57 inches. On view at Bernhard Knause Fine Art, Hessen, Germany through October 20.

Neha Choksi, Undying Faith Does Not Endure (A Landscape With Adenium Blossoms) (NC3), 2012. HD video on vertically hung monitor, color, sound, looped indefinitely. On view at Exhibit 320, Delhi, India through September 30.

Alicja Kwade, The Totality of All Spaces, 2012. Installation. Dimensions variable. On view at 44 Moen, Askeby, Denmark through September 30.