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Zoe Crosher

Zoe Crosher, No.26 from The Additive Dust Series (GUAM 1979) from The Disappearance of Michelle duBois, 2012. Archival pigment print. 13 x 19 inches.

Zoe Crosher, Mae Wested no.4 (Crumpled) from the series 21 Ways to Mae Wested, 2012. Digital C-Print. 36 x 36 inches.

Zoe Crosher, The Overexposing, Fading, Blurring, Crumpling Up Liberated Original Nurse (Medium), 2012. Pigmented Ink on Museo Silver Rag. 63 x 49 inches.

Zoe Crosher, duBois' Triple Vision Fantasy Landscapes (Sunset), 2012. Digital C-Print. 84 x 41⅞ inches.⅞

Zoe Crosher, The Other Disappeared Nurse no.7 from The Vanishing of Michelle duBois, 2012. Pigmented Ink on Museo Silver Rag. 29⅞ x 23⅜  inches.

Zoe Crosher, Silhouetted no.12, 2010. Digital C-Print. 46½  x 34⅝  inches.