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Charlie Le Minduâ??s Step by Step Guide

Look 1: Russian Borzoi
The inspiration for this look was Angelyne, a billboard model who was big in LA in the 1980s. She’s like 80 years old and has pink and blond hair. The key to this look is to get lots of volume in the fringe.

Step 1) Put everything in hot rollers and leave them in for about 30 minutes until they cool down.

Step 2) Take out the rollers and backcomb all the roots. My favorite comb for this is the Black Power comb I’m using in the picture. You can find it at any Afro shop.

Step 3) Put some powder in the hair to create more volume. I use Super Euro Powder Dust.

Step 4) Brush out the hair and use hairspray.

Model: Ollie
Shirt: Maarten Van Der Horst
Vest: Phoebe English

Look 2: Chocolate Doberman
I wanted to do something a bit Vidal Sassoon and a bit YSL, because I love strong shapes. I think they’re amazing, and it’s not difficult to wear them. But women need to have a strong attitude to pull them off. This look is fun, but it’s very important that you don’t wear it with a retro look because it will look too [hipster].

Step 1) Dampen the hair and curl the edges around hot rollers.

Step 2) Dry the hair with a hair dryer while the hot rollers are still in place. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes, then wait until the rollers have cooled down and remove them. You should never take out rollers when they’re hot.

Step 3) Use shine spray to create a finished look. This one is Crystal Gloss by L’Oreal.

Step 4) Now, just brush out the hair and you're done.

Model: Costanza
Shirt: James Long

Look 3: The Golden Retriever
There is no difference between boys and girls, and I don’t see why girls should wear wigs and boys shouldn’t. Long hair in men’s fashion is going to come back. So many boys have short hair now and by the time they grow it out, the trend will have passed, so a wig is a good solution. I use hair from Hairdreams for most of my wigs and they look very natural. This look is inspired by Peter Berlin.

Step 1) Spray some constructor spray on the roots. It’s basically a spray wax, which makes the wig a bit greasy. All boys should wear their wigs dirty.

Step 2) Straighten the wig with a flattening iron.

Step 3) With your hands, work clay into the hair. This one is Mad Mud from L’Oreal Professional, and it’s perfect for wigs because you achieve a dirty effect as well as volume.

Step 4) Brush the clay product through the hair and shake it out.

Model: Toby
Shirt: Joseph Turvey

Look 4: Hollywood Poodle
With this look, I wanted to show that pastels can be done in a beautiful way. They don’t always have to be grungy.

Step 1) When you work with pastels, it’s best to make them a little messy, otherwise they’re going to look cheap. For this look, I use neon colors that I mixed in the bowl with white conditioner. The more conditioner you use, the more pastel the color will be. Paint this onto the hair. And don’t overthink where you should put the dye. Just do it very quickly and don’t use too much. Always keep a blond base. Paint big chunks of color and don’t try to make it look natural, because a pastel is never going to look natural.

Step 2) Once the dye has set, curl the hair with a straightener. It’s better to use a straightener instead of a curling iron because it will make the curls more defined. Pin up the curls to set them.

Step 3) Remove the pins and brush out the curls with your hands. This will make the hair lighter and separate the curls to make them bigger.

Step 4) The final step is just to pin it up. Before you do this, you can backcomb a tiny bit to help the pins to stay in. As far as pinning style, it depends on the shape of the face. Jira’s jaw is quite strong and I wanted to exaggerate that so I
pinned her hair up to make it short. But if you have a round face, it’s better to keep some length to elongate the face.

Model: Jira
Dress: Holly Fulton

Charlie Le Mindu