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Casting Call: Fifty Shades of Grey

Kate Kavanagh is noted as the beautiful, hard-working best friend who compliments Ana's innocence and purity. We think Blake Lively has that worldliness and sophistication necessary to take on Kate's strong personality.

Photo by Craig McDean. Interview, August 2010.

We think Michelle Pfeiffer is a perfect fit for the role of Mrs. Robinson, who introduced Christian to the world of BDSM and, as Christian's previous lover, greatly intimidates Ana. Not only is she a beautiful blonde, but if anyone can bring the right level of drama to Mrs. Robinson, it's Elvira Montana.

Photo by Herb Ritts. Interview, August 1988

Ian Somerhalder. Need we say more? His deep and dark eyes—not to mention that bone structure—are perfect for Christian Grey.



With her shy look and natural beauty, we pick Alexis Bledel as the flawless Ana Steele to Ian Somerhalder's Grey. She definitely has the right appearance and we believe that she can take on the passionate transformation that Christian brings out in her.

Christian's older brother Elliot is a very lighthearted, playful character who can be both sarcastic and serious. While Matt Bomer definitely has the potential to play Christian, we think he'd make a better Elliot. His personality is dead-on and, of course, he fits the handsome profile of a Grey man.

Lucy Hale is not only gorgeous, but she's got the spunk and liveliness that Mia Grey, Christian's younger sister, possesses. It has been noted that she is interested in playing Ana Steele, but Mia's character seems like a much better fit.