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Casting Call: Fox News

Even political movies need a little bit of man-candy. We're going to glam up David Rhodes, who joined Fox News as a production assistant and rose to become the VP of news, by casting Ryan Gosling. Rhodes left Fox News in 2008. According to Sherman, Ailes did not like that Rhodes' brother worked for President Obama and Rhodes was concerned over the more staunchly conservative direction Fox pursued after Obama's election. Rhodes is now president of CBS News.

Malcolm McDowell is used to playing powerful older gentlemen like Rupert Murdoch, and if "it ain't broke..."

Rush Limbaugh is a tough character to play. The portly, thrice-divorced figurehead of the Tea Party right is either reviled or revered; there's no middle ground. We think that Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman could bring depth to a very polemic figure, although he may have to hit the pie shop in order to do so.

Another tough-cookie part is that of Glenn Beck, who was both hired and (sort of) fired by Ailes. We'd like to nominate Darrell Hammond for the part of Beck—predominantly because of their physical resemblance.

We suggest Brian Dennehy as Roger Ailes, the "GOP kingmaker."

Fox News gained popularity following the election of President Obama, who, in our film, will be played by Harry Lennix.