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Casting Call: Skyjack, the Hunt for D.B. Cooper

As our D.B. Cooper, we pick Hell on Wheels star (and Britney Spears' love interest in that film she was in, Crossroads) Anson Mount. Why? Because the man has aged George Clooney-style-at 39, with salt-and-pepper hair, he is more attractive than ever, rather roguish, and charming. All the qualities a good folk hero needs! We also like the idea of Cooper and Gray looking similar- it adds a supernatural, döppelganger layer.  Mount can also play the part of Kenny, Lyle's D.B.-lookalike brother, in flashbacks and photos.


As we mentioned, Geoffrey Gray gets sucked into the mythology surrounding Cooper when contacted by his P.I. friend, Skipp Porteous. But how does Skipp Porteous become involved? He has a client, Lyle, who keeps paying him $500 to deliver letters to Nora Ephron, begging her to write a film based on his brother's life, a man he believes to be D.B. Nora doesn't really appear much in the book, but we'd like to beef up her part in the film and have her played by Carrie Fisher.


Then there's Flo Schaffner, the poor air stewardess to whom Cooper hands the following note: "Miss, I have a bomb here and I would like you to sit by me." We pick Nora Zehetner. We had a lot of sympathy for her when Don Draper was mean to her character on Mad Men.


Finally, just as Gray's book came out, a woman, Marla Cooper, claimed D.B. was her uncle. We would like to include her in our film, played by Merritt Wever of Nurse Jackie, currently in Sam Gold and Annie Baker's Uncle Vanya. As Merritt is a little young for the part, we are going to change uncle to great-uncle. Ah, creative license!


An ambitious journalist in search of a scoop and a Pulitzer, we've chosen Logan Marshall Green as our Geoffrey Gray. Now, we do not know what Gray looks like in real life, but we also do not care. We prefer to think of Gray as a character-the narrator-rather than an actual person, and Logan's star seems to be on the rise (at least for this week).

For Skipp Porteous, a preacher turned P.I., we suggest Peter Dinklage, one of the best things about Game of Thrones.