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Casting Call: The Yankee Comandante

Of course, no film about Morgan (or Cuba from 1957 to 1961) would be complete without the Castro brothers. We nominate the Borgias star Francois Arnaud as the younger of the two brothers, Raul.

Photo by Sebastian Kim, Interview, February 2011.

As George Clooney has starred in all three of the films he’s directed thus far, we expect him to make an appearance in The Yankee Comandante. Clooney’s a good 20 years too old to play Morgan, but perhaps he can give Leonardo DiCaprio a run for his money as the film’s J. Edgar Hoover. He could also play Morgan's father, but something tells us Clooney isn't ready for the "conservative  father" chapter in his career.

Photo by Paul Jasmin, Interview, October 2005.


Eloy Guiterrez Menoyo, the 23-year-old commander of the rebel group into which Morgan is first inducted, is described by Grann as "soft-spoken, bone-thin... a long, handsome face... [and] the look of a fugitive." Menoyo became like a brother to Morgan, a younger mentor in his rebel career. We suggest recent Interview interviewee Diego Boneta for the part of Menoyo.

Photo by Jason Kibbler, Interview, May 2012.

As for our Fidel, Morgan's friend and ultimate downfall, we pick Mexican actor Diego Luna.

Photo by Bruce Weber, Interview, February 2003.

Mrs. Morgan was William Alexander's mother—"a slim devout woman, Loretta, who was known as Miss Cathedral." Although William would write letters to his mother identifying her as the only one who could understand him, Mrs. Morgan was devastated by her son's life choices and eventual death. We think Allison Janney should brush off her dramatic cap and step into the role of Loretta. This decision is only partially motivated by our desire to reunite cast members of 10 Things I Hate About You whenever possible.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is, we believe, a good actor who deserves a Ryan Gosling/Christian Bale/Leonardo DiCaprio meaty role. He's about the right age to play William Alexander Morgan, and we'd like to see him transition from confused Ohio-runaway searching for his calling to battle-weary rebel fighter.

Photo by William Claxton, Interview, April 2007.