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Rafael de Cardenas's Picks from Salone del Mobile 2012

With a nod to Italian mid-century futurism, the racerback legs of Urquiola's new chair design for Kartell defy the sleeping-bag softness of the upholstered seat and back.

Milan's (and possibly the world's) most chic design gallerist, Nina Yashar, presented her first-ever collection of Unlimited designer originals out of her via Della Spiga Space, known as "Nilufar" to the design cognoscenti. With Thonet-inspired, bent-wood Martino Gamper chairs, Giacomo Ravagli expanded copper, Lego-like, modular chandeliers, and a wallpaper designed by Swiss art duo Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder, the more reasonably priced pieces give the new design-lover a chance to finally be part of Nina's world.

Electrolux, best known Stateside as the banal electronics company of the postwar, middle-class suburban family, stormed onto Salone this week with the strongest presenation of kitchen appliances our eyes have ever seen. The sleek, minimal faces of the appliances only show options when you've cleared which language you'd like to cook in. Electrolux's futuristic presentation seems more Minority Report than Ozzie and Harriet.

Suggesting the Baja I wore in high school, Nike's new Flyknit running shoe is made of super strong yarn knit, creating a crochet-like pattern is one part doily and one part Flo-Jo!

Baccarat blue glass.