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Agathe Snow

Tale of Fins + Tails, 2012
143 x 94 x 58 inches
fish tank, fishing rod, live fish, papier-mâché, plastic bucket, shark
kite, wooden ladders

Sweepstakes, 2012
adult doll mask, cardboard tube, custom lace and leather dress, dried
cranberries, fiberglass, foam, hat, Mary Poppins mask, paper lantern,
papier-mâché, poster board, Santa Claus mannequin, starfish, tape,
umbrella, wooden reindeer
114 x 60 x 39 inches

Comes Out Both Ends, 2012
box springs, fiberglass, garden hose, papier-mâché, plant feeders, tire
rim, tubing
80 x 30 x 38 inches

Foreign Legion, 2012
blow-up giraffe, decals, fiberglass, nylon, papier-mâché, string, toy
108 x 48 x 44 inches

Give Me a Beat, 2012
brick, cardboard, fiberglass, papier-mâché, plush mechanized hearts,
wall paper
96 x 48 x 16 inches