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Casting Call: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

For this adapatation to work, Sony needs to cast a Sabrina from outside of the Selena Gomez cookie-cutter Disney crew—someone with some semblance of character, e.g., Imogen Poots.

Photo by Craig McDean.

Apparently, in this version, Salem the sardonic black cat (a relative of the Spellman family who, at some point, pissed off the wrong person) will be Salem, the human prince/Sabrina love interest. Not sure how we feel about that. What we are most curious about, however, is whether Salem will start off as a cat, Beauty and the Beast-style (ew) or will we have to look elsewhere for our talking-animal fix. Either way, we nominate Eddie Redmayne for our human Salem.

Photo by Peter Lindberg.

If The Hunger Games and Twilight have taught us anything, it is that love triangles are a necessity for a successful movie-series craze. With this in mind, we are casting another rather good-looking Brit, Luke Pasquilino, as our Harvey.

This is probably not a plotline that Sabrina, the movie is going to pick up, it was sort of random and silly to begin with, but should they choose to include Sabrina's evil twin, we'd like her to be played by Hannah Murray. Hannah Murray has worked with Imogen Poots before and can be rather spooky-looking in an ethereal sort of way.

For Zelda's younger, zanier sister, Hilda, we nominate Stockard Channing. This is a bit of a cop-out, as she already played an aunt-turned-guardian in Practical Magic, but if it ain't broke...

Photo by Todd Eberle, May 1997.

Sabrina's two aunts and guardians, Zelda and Hilda, are centuries old. While witches age at a much slower rate than humans, we think this cast needs some over-60s to counterbalance all the under-30s. For Zelda, the elder sister, we suggest Diana Rigg of the original Avengers. She hasn't acted since 2006, but we plan on coaxing her back.

NB: This photo is a still from the 1973 film, The Hospital.