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Casting Call: Dirty White Boy

RZA, real name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, was O.D.B.'s cousin and another founding member of the original Wu-Tang Clan. We were going to suggest Taye Diggs, mainly because they have the same last name, but we're going to save him for O.D.B's other cousin, GZA. We think that Omar Epps could do a good job in the role.


We really hope that this film will include flashbacks to a young O.D.B. We think that Michael B. Jordan would make a nice 19- to 25-year-old O.D.B.


For our Method Man, another key member of the Wu-Tang Clan, we nominate Method Man. He's already been in quite a few films, and, while he is obviously older than he was during O.D.B.'s lifetime, he's still younger than M.K. Williams.

Names suggested for the 22-year-old Jarred Weisfeld (the titular Dirty White Boy) include Shia LeBoeuf and Andrew Garfield, but we think LeBoeuf is boring and are a little sick of Garfield right now. How about Channing Tatum instead? Kidding! As 21 Jump Street pointed out, Tatum looks like a middle-aged man (or a man older than 22). Let's give the part to Daniel Radcliffe because, why not. 


Ghostface Killah! Another rapping legend. We don't know if Ghostface does any acting, so we are going to go with another rapper-turned-actor instead, Ice Cube.

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld for the November 2002 issue of Interview.


Michael Kenneth Williams aka Omar from The Wire is the only actor cast thus far; he is set to play O.D.B. himself. Williams is already 10 years older than O.D.B. was when he died, however, as Williams is pretty baller as far as actors go and he actually does do stuff for the children, like the 24 Hour Plays, we'll let it slide.