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Casting Call: Killing Pablo

This movie is getting a bit male-heavy, and as supporters of gender equality in the workforce, we're uncomfortable with such an imbalance. We think Pablo's mistress and author of Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, Virginia Vallejo, would make a good female character. She sort of looks like Eva Longoria, but we are not going to cast her. Instead, we pick French beauty Melanie Laurent.

Oscar Isaac played the dad in Drive, wore a cow costume in The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway and is currently filming the new Cohen Brother's film, Inside Llewyln Davis. We applaud this diversity in role choice and would like to reward him with a key, albeit somewhat brief, role in our film. We nominate Isaac to play Colonel Martinez' son, the man who ultimately finds Escobar in 1993 and fulfills his father's lifelong goal.

There have rumors of a Christian Bale appearance in Killing Pablo. We hope that these rumors are correct and are optimistically casting him as Steve Jacoby was the leader of "Centra Spike," a super-clandestine US special forces operative assembled to eliminate Escobar.

Full disclosure: this photo is from when Bale appeared on the cover of our February 2001 issue, because Batman be damned! We'll always think of Bale as Patrick Bateman.

During the tumultuous production process of Killing Pablo, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez was one of the names thrown around to play Pablo Escobar. As tempted as we were to cast Adrian Grenier, looking at this photo of Ramirez from our February 2008 issue, we think he'd make a pretty good Pablo.

Morris Busby was the US ambassador to Colombia and another key player in Escobar's demise. Originally from Virginia, Busby was in the U.S. Navy for fifteen years and apparently was the one who convinced President Bush Sr. to deploy Centra Spike. Our Busby will be played by Woody Harrelson.

Hugo Martinez was the leader of Colombia's federal police and Pablo's nemesis. According to Bowden, Martinez a devoted his every waking moment to killing Pablo. We know that Javier Bardem can play a man with a murderous one-track mind, but we'd like to see him do it without a bowl-cut. We Pick Bardem to play a young Martinez; possibly Martinez at all ages, if Carahan kind find a great makeup artist.