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Casting Call: The Right Profile

For the man himself, Joe Strummer, we need a guy with prominent cheekbones who can pull off the tortured-artist look. We pick War Horse star Jeremy Irvine—if he can handle the emotional trauma of losing a horse in the Great War, we're fairly certain he can handle a little rock-star disillusionment. Plus, the producer can save on a dialect coach.

Topper Headon alleges that had he not left the band due to addiction, The Clash might have stuck around longer. Had Ezra Miller stayed on Californication longer, we'd probably still watch it.


At 26, Strummer began dating Gaby Salter shortly after her 17th birthday; they went on to have two children. Dakota Fanning turns 18 next year, and we warmly welcome her into the craft of playing a "younger character."


Former lead of the Brit-cult favorite Misfits, Robert Sheehan has the dark features and talent for eccentricity to channel guitarist and vocalist Mick Jones—who was infamously terminated from the band for lack of punctuality.



Curly-haired, business-savvy Bernie Rhodes was The Clash's long-time manager and self-proclaimed "inventor of punk," with an explosive personality. We think Shia LaBeouf could manage.

An older and enlightened Joe Strummer could be honored if Liam Neeson, the quintessential distinguished older-man-who-could-actually-really-hurt-somebody, took the reins from Irvine during the tail end of the biopic, planned to cover the last 20 years of the legend's life.