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Casting Call: Bernie Madoff

As we mentioned before, HBO's script will be partially based on Truth and Consequences, younger son Andrew Madoff's version of the scandal. We think Josh Brolin would make an excellent Andrew.

Never one to resist casting a real-life couple as a fictional couple, we nominate Diane Lane as Andrew's fiancé, Catherine Hooper.


Were it not for an atrocious ending involving deceit, scandal, ruin and "evil" fraud; Bernie and his wife Ruth Madoff could have made quite a love story. The two were high-school sweethearts, married for over fifty years. How many billionaires do you know who stayed married to their first wife (let alone their first love) for so long? She's a little young for the part, but we'd like Ellen Barkin to play the steely blonde.

Robert De Niro is allegedly set to star as Bernie Madoff (how we love HBO and their star-pulling power!). Given the striking physical similarities between the two and, you know, Bob's résumé, we think we'll keep him as the lead in our highly selective casting call.

Handsome Mark Madoff, the couple's eldest son and a head trader at his father's firm, committed suicide two years after his father's imprisonment. We've chosen Michael C. Hall as our tragic Mark.  


Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick were two of Madoff's celebrity clients who purportedly lost everything. Something tells us that Bacon is not going to want to portray himself, so we're going to recommend celebrity look-alike Jon Bon Jovi for the part. Don't pretend to be shocked by our choice; we know you remember Bon Jovi-the-actor from his role on Ally McBeal. If you need further proof of Bon Jovi's acting prowess, we recommend that you take a look at this lovely trailer for New Year's Eve.