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Casting Call: Grace of Monaco

Obviously, the most speculation has surrounded who should play Princess Grace herself. Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried and Carey Mulligan are just some of blondes who've been tossed into the ring. We, however, think this is ridiculous. Has the blogging public not seen Mad Men? No one can capture Grace's collected style like Betty Draper, our old pal January Jones.

And finally: Prince Rainier! The reason that Kelly wore that lace-bodiced ivory dress, embroidered with pearls (and, indirectly, the reason that Duchess Kate wore a very similar Alexander McQueen creation). We vote for high-cheekboned old-Etonian Eddie Redmayne to step into the Prince's role.

If you've ever been to the UPenn boat house, a Jack Kelly shrine, you'll know that Grace's dad is a sporting legend. Mr. Kelly was the first rower (or "sculler," to be precise) to win three Olympic gold medals! Okay, we know, outside of watching the Winklevii twins, who cares about rowing? But back in the boater-hat-wearing, This Side of Paradise days it was quite the to-do. We struggled a bit trying to find a tall (we'd rather not make anyone stand on a box or in a ditch for an entire shoot) and distinguished-looking Mr. Kelly—but we think that if you erase Cheers from your memory, Ted Danson might be it.

Pre-princesshood, Grace had quite a reputation among the Hollywood crowd; she was rumored to have dallied around with all of her leading men, with the exception of Jimmy Stewart (no need to revise your It's a Wonderful Life Image of him!). Her first lover? Ray Milland, her co-star in Dial M for Murder. Rapscallion Ray was married to Muriel Milland at the time and Muriel's friend, gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, cemented Kelly's reputation as a "dangerous" woman. We nominate Viggo Mortensen as Grace Kelly's first seducer.

Lucky Grace: Olympic athlete for a father, and former model for a mother... we could have been a princess too, with such a pedigree! We think that Jessica Lange would do a marvelous job as Grace's mother, Margaret Catherine Majer Kelly.


After Ray Milland and before Prince Rainier, Grace was engaged to Italian-Russian fashion designer Oleg Cassini, a Jackie O. favorite. We'll have to age him a bit, but Jude Law is our pick to play this aristocratic charmer.