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Monkey Business

1. Coat: Michael Kors. Blazer: Calvin Klein Collection. T-shirt: T by Alexander Wang. Turtleneck: DKNY. Pants: Osklen.

2. Coat: Isabel Marant. Sweatshirt: American Apparel. Top: T by Alexander Wang. Turtleneck: Ralph Lauren. Sweatshirt (around waist) and shorts: Gap. Leggings: H&M. Socks: TSE. Shoes: Celine.

4. Coat: Ann Demeulemeester. Turtleneck: Ralph Lauren. Skirt: Michael Kors. Sweatshirts: Gap (on shoulder), Osklen, and Champion. Socks: TSE. Shoes: Celine. Cosmetics: Nars, Including Concealer in Vanilla on Eyes and Lips, Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte and Multi-protect Primer Spf 30. Hair Products: Bumble and Bumble, Including Straight Blow Dry Balm and Shine on Finishing Spray. Hair: James Pecis Using Bumble and Bumble/d+v Management. Makeup: Francelle for Nars Cosmetics. Manicure: Hiromi Kameyama for Market America NYC/Susan Price, Inc. Model: Alyona Subbotina/marilyn. Casting: Michelle Lee/ Kcd,Inc.

3. Coat: Gucci. T-shirt and dresses: T by Alexander Wang. Sweatshirt: Champion. Leggings: American Apparel. Socks: TSE.