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Casting Call: Ender's Game

Bobby Coleman showed his acting chops opposite John Cusack in Martian Child. We think he'd be a great fit as Bean, Ender's only rival in intelligence at Battle School.

There's a reason Matthew Weiner chose Marten Weiner to play the strange neighbor kid on Mad Men, and it's not just that Marten's his son. Marten gives off a creepy vibe that can be fully harnessed as Bonzo Madrid, Ender's Battle School nemesis who meets a tragic end.

Mickey Rourke would give a nice ruggedness to the role of Colonel Graff, the manipulative head of the prestigious Battle School, and a chubby, morally complex man who must train Ender for victory over the Buggers.

Ender Wiggin has to be young—we're talking 10 years old—somber, and a genius, or at least look very much like one. Asa Butterfield, soon to be seen in Martin Scorsese's latest film Hugo, has the innocent, yet troubled look that Ender requires.

Sweet and angelic Elle Fanning is the perfect choice to play Valentine Wiggin, Ender's older sister, and one of the few people who truly care about the troubled little genius.

It would be an understatement to call Ender's older brother, Peter Wiggin, a bit of a monster. He did, after all, try to kill the little protegé when he was just 10. Kodi Smith McPhee, from last year's vamp flick Let Me In, has the cold, menacing edge to inhabit the role.

An outcast like Ender, Petra Arkanian is one of the few girls admitted to the Battle School. We think Isabelle Fuhrman, of devilish Orphan fame, has the right intesity to play the Armenian girl who befriends Ender.