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Casting Call: Robopocalypse

We like the way Garfield's Social Network co-star Jesse Eisenberg plays angry computer geniuses, so we're casting him as Lurker, a hacker who finds he's in over his head.

Speaking of lady androids—there must be a part for Megan Fox somewhere in this movie, right? Though we're not sure who, exactly, she'd play, we're going to include her on our list anyway.

Cormac Wallace, a young photojournalist who leads a band of guerilla warriors against the 'bots, is Robopocalypse's main character. Andrew Garfield has action movie experience and sensitivity to spare, so he's our pick for the part.

The main 'bot in charge is Archos, an artificial intelligence entity who can take different forms. Andy Serkis—the actor behind creatures like Gollum and Rise of the Planet of the Apes's Caesar—knows how to bring humanity to inhuman characters, and he's also well-versed in the art of motion capture, so he's the clear choice here.

The robopocalypse is mainly the fault of Nicholas Wasserman, a brilliant scientist who serves as the novel's Frankenstein figure. Pierce Brosnan's twinkly-eyed intelligence would work nicely in the role.

Masi Oka made a name for himself playing geeky Hiro Nakamura on NBC's Heroes. He'd do well as Takeo Nomura, a similar character in Robopocalypse—though Takeo, unlike Hiro, is in love with a lady android.