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Face Value: 2011 VMAs


The songstress has a set of vocal cords that can't be beat. But this bouffant is something of a travesty. It adds height, volume and weight in all the wrong places. A nice, sleek, pencil-straight style would've given Adele a more flattering look. On the bright side, skin is flawless and loving the batty lashes with the glossy, nude lips. Quite retro.


Oh, the power of the pregnancy glow! She looks happy, which is the best kind of beauty. An exaggerated side part and side pony are fun and contemporary for an awards show such as the VMAs—but not very sexy, and Beyonce is quite the sex symbol. We would have liked to have seen the hair down in some sort of curly number. Plus, the color seems a tad too over-dyed. But those earrings are something to be admired, so we're guessing that's why she chose to wear her hair back. Makeup is flawless, as usual.

Britney Spears
My, how far she's come! Gone are the days of shaved heads and extensions (that we can see, anyway). While this isn't a look that will win her any awards, it's definitely Britney's most sane look of the last few years. It all works quite nicely: blonde hair—nice color—with light curls to add texture; a dark eye; a light lip. Hair and makeup 101. We'll take it.
Snooki and Pauly D
Yes, it's summer, but we have to intercede: over-tanning (real or faux) is so 10 years ago. Color is nice when it's natural. This looks like leather. Both of you. And that hair! Where to begin. Pauly D looks like he used a whole stockpile of Redken Pomade to slick back that 'do, which we recommend keeping away from open flame. As for Snooki, what's up with the white highlights against the jet black hair? That is not ombré, doll. And the sparkly cat eyes—ouch! Makeup overload. Looks like someone needs a make-under (highly unlikely, but a beauty writer can dream).
Katie Holmes
She's getting younger with age. It wasn't that long ago that a certain Mrs. Tom Cruise had a bob and dressed like a 196's housewife. Now, Katie's back, with long locks and sporting an Alaïa minidress! Loving the loose beach waves—a final tribute to summer. The makeup is simple; she's got a nice, healthy glow. Everything seems quite contemporary and perfectly sporty for the VMAs. She's definitely not taking all of this too seriously, she's having fun with it. Well done!
Katy Perry
Well, we're always a fan of bubblegum-pink hair with matching pink lips. We kid. But seriously, at least she takes beauty chances. Like it or loathe it, it's interesting and inspiring. The exaggerated side part lends way to a kind of retro style with a burst of contemporary twist. The eye makeup is flirty and full of lashes with the pretty pink lips. It's al very come-hither...
Miley Cyrus
We haven't seen her around for awhile. That's a good thing, because now we can say with authenticity that we're liking the look! The pulled-back bun is sophisticated, but the volume in the crown gives Miley a bit of playfulness. And her makeup is not overdone. Focus is on the eyes—lots of lashes, a bit dramatic with a light lip. Very pretty and appropriate and (OMG!) conservative!
Selena Gomez
This is one the prettiest looks of the evening. Practically flawless. Hair back in a chignon, but it works! Usually, we'd say it's too elderly for someone youthful, but Selena pulls it off with grace and beauty. Her dark eyes are mesmerizing—again, focusing on lashes and liner, with a glossy coral lip. The coral adds some summer fun into the mix. And, of course, let's not forget that envy-inducing bronzed skin tone. She's so damn perfect, she looks like a doll!