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Casting Call: Les Miserables

Ethereal Amanda Seyfried has a surprisingly beautiful voice; we'd love to see what she could do with Cosette, a character that can tend to be boring.

Alan Cumming was born to play mincing, menacing Thenardier, the grotesque innkeeper.

Helena Bonham Carter would be a lot of fun as the wicked Madame Thenardier—though as we learned in Sweeney Todd, she doesn't have a very strong voice. So instead, we're going to give the part to Megan Mullally, who could both sing and act the hell out of it.

Michele's Spring Awakening (and occasional Glee) costar Jonathan Groff has the looks and the pipes to play idealistic Marius, Les Mis's young male lead.

It almost feels like a cop-out to cast Lea Michele as poor, doomed Eponine, since she's the obvious choice for the role—watch her perform an earth-shattering "On My Own," if you're not convinced. Still, there's nobody else out there who fits the part so perfectly.

Sutton Foster is a two-time Tony winner who hasn't yet broken out of the Broadway bubble. She would be superb as Fantine, the tragic heroine whose "I Dreamed a Dream" is one of the musical's most poignant moments.

Russell Crowe would be fine as Javert, the dogged inspector who hunts Valjean for almost 20 years. But we think Neil Patrick Harris would be even better—just look at how he smolders while singing "Confrontation" with How I Met Your Mother costar Jason Segel.