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Face Value: The Teen Choice Awards

Ashley Greene

We're on the fence with this look. While Ashley is undeniably pretty, she seems to look a bit too done-up for the Teen Choice Awards. What happened to summery and soft? She's rocking dark eyes and a cranberry lip with pencil-straight chestnut hair. It all feels a bit too fall. Perhaps some beachy waves and a coral lip would make this look a bit more summer-appropriate?

Avril Lavigne

Standard Avril. Pale skin; dark eyeliner that extends way too far; loads of lashes; long, straight hair. Blah. The least she could've done was gotten a tan. After all, it is summer, and she's quite translucent.

Blake Lively

Love! She's got her golden bronze skin going on, as well as a dusty rose smoky eye with a complementing lip. And pencil-straight hair with just the bangs pulled back says, "I'm chic but I still know my age."


Travesty. That hair looks like it could break off at any minute. Girl needs a deep conditioner, stat. And those roots, ick—that is so not how you do ombre! The hair color is way too oxidized (white) for her skin tone—she's beginning to look a bit leathery. Not good.

Nina Dobrev

She's so cute! Nice tan, and we're loving the hair in a high, whimsy pony—very summer-appropriate. The defined and lined eyes and light lip is a red (or in this case, blue)-carpet staple, and Nina pulls it off beautifully.

Rachel Bilson

Now THIS is how you do ombre! Shiny dark roots that fade into bright, blonde tips—a major summer trend. Like Blake Lively, Rachel is wearing a rosy smoky eye with a matching lip, and the hair is half-up, half-down. Classy, chic, yet still contemporary.

Taylor Swift

Teenyboppers everywhere are going to be furious with this statement, but we think Taylor looks ridiculous. First of all, it's summer: get a tan (or at least sweep a few coats of bronzer on)! Secondly, who actually wears a full-blown green eye besides on a runway or an editorial shoot? And if you want to sport a wash of green, awesome, but this is a pigmented, layered, accentuated green, coupled with a salmon lip. Color overload! The pulled-back hair is on cue, though.

Tyra Banks

Hate the outfit, love the makeup. A smoky eye with a coral lip (coral is summer's go-to color) and a beautiful skin tone. Plus, she scores major points for her beachy waves—effortless hair, another summer trend. From the neck up, Tyra is rocking it.