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Fall Beauty Forecasting

Backstage at Chanel ready-to-wear, Peter Philips created Bianca Jagger-esque eyes. I particularly love this look because the metallic shade is carried all the way up to the brow, which adds amazing dimension. The new Chanel Illusion D'Ombres metallic creme shadows are really easy to use in so many different ways. You can tone down this look for everyday by using only one shade from lash line to brow. It doesn't necessarily need to be a dark color; the shimmer does all the work. Try using peachy tones for a radiant, inviting look.

Here is a slightly androgynous look from the Burberry Prorsum Fall ready-to-wear show. It translates really well from runway to everyday, because it appears casual but immaculately groomed. Another reason I chose this look is because it invites us to think differently about colours that flatter the skin. Check out the new Burberry Beauty collection for some great cheek colors, and use a little on the eyelid—pinkish tan shades are great on the eyes if you apply them in a gentle wash. It's surprising that just by darkening the natural shade of our brows, they look fuller and make the eye color more intense. Try using Anastasia's colored brow gel to darken your natural brow color a shade or two, and see how it changes the rest of your complexion. Pair that with Chanel Kohl Pencil in Clair on the inner lower lid, curl your lashes, and see how much attention comes your way.

Last but not least, Valentino. I chose this look to get across one of the main trends this season, which is letting those lashes have it! Wield the wand, and have no fear! Top and bottom lashes, ladies—it's so quick and easy, not to mention very cool and understated. You need a great mascara, preferably a building variety such as Chanel Inimitable Intense, because it has an amazing wand that makes it possible to coat even the tiniest of lashes. Curl your lashes, apply a nude liner to the inner lower lid, and then go to town with the mascara wand—just keep working until you feel you need to dip back into the tube. Once word of caution is that I would avoid over-defining the brow with these lashes, because it could look a little heavy. Another part of this look I love, and that you may not notice initially, is the shimmer down the bridge of the nose and the crest of the upper lip. This is something I noticed on Valentino's runway earlier this year also, and I must say, does something magical to the face. It makes the lips appear fuller, and brings a certain radiance. You could use a natural shade of pressed shadow for this look, but I'd try a creme shadow/highlighter that works for your skin tone. Nars multi-purpose sticks are great for this; try Copacabana. Best to leave out the cheekbones if you are trying this look, or you may have shimmer overkill. The look is subtle, so try a little at a time.

I'm always a fan of the looks for Miu Miu—they just have a way of grabbing your attention and making you want to be that girl! Something I really enjoyed about this is that the look is based around a classic red lip, but taken to the next level by that magic little accent in the center of the lip. I truly believe that anyone can wear a variation on this look—you simply choose your favorite red and spend a bit of time perfecting your lip line. Next, take a contrasting shade—I personally love this shell pink—and place a gentle dab in the center of the lip. This example is matte, but you could try using something with a shimmer, which will make your lips appear fuller. Chanel is just about to launch eight new matte shades called Rouge Allure Velvet, due out in November of this year—there truly is something for everyone. 

Chloe always seems to lean towards that beautiful, fresh-faced '70s ideal of beauty. This season was very tonal and innocent. I love the way freckles have been added to this look, along with the not-so-perfect mascara; but also that the skin is matte and not moist, which makes it more modern. To bring this look into the everyday dimension, try a lightweight matte formulation foundation such as Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Sweep it on quickly with your fingers or a sponge; you should need little to no powder. To enhance your own freckles, or cheat a few in, brow pencils work amazingly well. Remember to be very subtle. Apply tiny dots randomly and then pad with your fingers—you're looking for a light sprinkling across the bridge of the nose. If you keep the tones natural with all the elements of this look together, it will work for every skin tone. 

Lanvin, I love you. I think this is one of my favorites this season. I wanted you to see both angles of this look [see next slide] because part of its magic is that it doesn't appear as "made-up" from every angle. It's simple and elegant, but not too perfect, and it's the greatest look to pair with the color-blocking trend that seems to be here to stay. Start with a clean opaque matte base paired with moist lips and a somewhat crudely applied, slightly winged outer corner, and lots of mascara; the rest of the lid is nude. Hooray! You only need a black liner and a good lash-building mascara for this look. Try using Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Very Black: draw along the outer third of the upper lash line and wing slightly, then quickly take a small shadow brush and blend inwards so that you don't wing too far. You can keep applying more and creeping outwards until you feel you have the best shape for you. Next, curl the lashes and apply some good lash-building mascara; I like Nars Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascarafor this look. Just keep applying until your wand is ready for another dip into the tube. Don't be afraid to get the bottom lashes going too—it's an important part of this look. I would add a touch of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville to your lips, just to keep them moist and alluring.

Another angle on that winged Lanvin look.