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Casting Call: Paradise Lost

As one Interview editor puts it, Chris Hemsworth is about the closest thing we've got to a genetically perfect human male. That makes him a natural pick to play Adam, the first man.

Anthony Hopkins has already played Norse patriarch god Odin in Thor and mighty King Hrothgar in Beowulf. Combine those two roles, and you basically get the Judeo-Christian God—a plum part in Paradise Lost.

Michael's fellow archangel Raphael is also powerful, but he's also a little more soulful than his heavenly colleague; his name, after all, means "it is God who heals." Eric Bana could convey both divine fury and the angel's softer side.

Lucifer's main antagonist in Paradise Lost is the archangel Michael, who leads God's angelic forces during the war against Satan. We think Isaiah Mustafa—best known as the Old Spice guy—has both the authoritative voice and the biceps this part would require.

Olivia Wilde's flawless face and hidden depths mean that she could play Eve with ease. Who could resist an apple if she were the one offering it?

The Son of God—who is never formally called Jesus in Milton's poem—also plays a pivotal role in Paradise Lost. This part is crying out for Russell Brand; he's certainly got the right hair for it.