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Spring Hair Trends, Straight from the Runway

Bangs with medium length, seen at Derek Lam

I'm getting a lot of requests for Freja Beja's haircut. Ask your stylist to cut bangs that hit the top of your eyebrows. Keep ends thinned out and layered, but still with a blunt line on the bottom.
if you have straight hair, use a flat iron to horizontally make a loose wave. If you're curly, blow-dry hair and use a two-inch curling iron to make loose waves.

Slick ponytail, seen at Prabal Gurung

Start with a side part; use hairspray or gel to comb hair flat. Gather hair into a tight pony (I recommend bungee-cord rubber bands) just above the top of your ears. Keep ends dry and brushed.

Low messy bun with side part, seen at Proenza Schouler

Great for messy beach hair that needs to be dressed up quickly. I love texture spray and a bit of teasing before putting the hair back in a low
pony, and finally pinning ends around the pony to create an updo.

Long, brushed-out waves, seen at Timo Weiland

Use a one-and-a-half-inch, large-barrel curling iron, and wrap hair around it vertically. Spray curls with hairspray, then brush them outâ??preferably using a Mason Pearson brush.

Messy, textured beach hair, seen at Thakoon

Use a flat iron or a one-inch curling iron to make waves. Use a wave spray on curls to create messy texture, and use fingers to break up the curls.

High slicked bun, seen at Oscar de la Renta

Very J. Lo. Best to use a wet gel and comb back bangs or flyaways. Take hair into a high ponytail, and add hair if you need the extra length. Tease
your ends and wrap into a big bun, pinning and securing along the way.