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Sue Devitt's Top Five Color Trends for Spring

"My favorite shade for this spring/summer is a fresh coral hue. Coral is being transformed multiple ways this season and is a great alternative to bright pinks and dramatic reds. When applied to the eyes, cheeks, or lips, the flush of color instantly brightens up your face, and whether you want to go bold and bright or soft and sweet, this color can also easily transition from day to night. If you're looking for inspiration on how to best execute this trend, some of Hollywood's most beautiful women are wearing coral in a variety of gorgeous options, as this stylish shade can complement all skin tones as well as eye colors. Both Cameron Diaz and Mila Kunis have been using coral to achieve a soft, fresh look on the red carpet recently, and coral has also been a must-have for Fergie, both as a blonde and a brunette.  To achieve this healthy, fresh-faced look, like Mila Kunis' Golden Globes makeup, I suggest using hints of coral on the cheeks and the lips. For cheeks, apply a pretty wash of color to the apples for a rosy glow. Finally, a soft pink lip is the perfect way to complete this look. Use a pink lipstick as a base, and then go over that with a brighter pink gloss for a natural burst of color."

"If you're looking to go bold, another popular take on this trend is theatrically-inspired makeup, featuring lots of lashes, a defined brow, and vivid, jewel-toned shadows. Finishing the look is a bright red, orange, or hot-pink lip with strong contouring and gentle pink accents. [A] bold and bright [look] was hot on the runways, as designers such as Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi offered beautiful interpretations at their Spring 2011 shows. Although a look like this looks great on the runway, you may want to try a more subdued version on your next night out. For a smoky, colorful eye that's not as dramatic, switch from a dark blue, charcoal, or brown to a lighter shade in the same color family. This lighter color will still create a beautiful eye, but a softer, more natural look."

"For those who want to forgo the ever-popular nude lip or even the trendy pink pout, stars have been trying out the bright lip in a variety of berry shades. This easy-to-wear shade is already a favorite amongst celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Heidi Klum, and Leighton Meester. To achieve an ultra-glamorous look, use a glossy, deep hue like a rich berry lip stain paired with minimal eye makeup. For a retro look, try a matte take on the berry lip. Or if you want a more balanced makeup look, opt for a slightly lighter shade of berry on the lips, so you can still add a bit of smokiness to the eyes."

"Lips weren't the only area many celebrities have added brightness—varying shades of jewel tones graced many famous lids on the red carpet this season as well, with Natalie Portman leading us in this trend. Whether it was at the SAGs or the Oscars, Natalie wore a look inspired by Old Hollywood glamour with a modern spin. To achieve similarly smoldering eyes, try jewel tones, nude, or beige eye shadow all over your eye lid for a subtle effect. Then, outline your top and bottom lash line with a deeper shade of black or gray eyeshadow or an Eye Intensifier Pencil (in either tone) for added depth and dimension."

"Whether it's a pop of color or a bold, smoky statement, intensifying your eyes is a sure way to stand out and look gorgeous. The smoky eye is a staple for many stars, such Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria, both on and off the red carpet. For a similar look, use a charcoal eye shadow and begin to create a smoky eye using an eye base brush starting at the lash line, and continue upward toward the eye socket. Then, to define this season's more dramatic shape, take a dense, black, velvety eye pencil to the lash line and draw outwards toward the temple and end in a very pointed tip, and blend well."