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The SAG Awards' Best and Worst-Tressed

WORST: Claire Danes

Whoa! You could go ice skating on those teeth—they're so... shiny. And that lipstick isn't helping matters. We're all for a bold lip, just not sure whether fluorescent pink was the correct choice. Again, a bit of '80s thrown into the mix. Sadly, it doesn't work.

BEST: Lea Michele

She looks fab. So fresh and young and hip, and age-appropriate. We love the tousled, messy-but-perfect hair and her signature heavy-lidded lashes and nude lip.

WORST(ISH): Natalie Portman

Again, like at the Globes, she looks pretty—she's a beautiful woman—but she doesn't look fierce. The hair is a bit too old-Hollywood for our taste, not contemporary enough for young Natalie. Her makeup, as usual, is flawless. Nothing terribly tragic to say about this look, except we just didn't love it. Get back in touch with the Black Swan, Natalie!

WORST: January Jones

It's going to be tough to beat her own best-tressed—and dressed!—look from the Golden Globes this year, and this confection doesn't come close. That hair (disaster), those lashes (too overpowering), that skin (pale!)... somebody's needs a reboot, and a redo. Better luck come Oscar night, Jan.

BEST: Christina Hendricks

We're not sure if it's the all-out volumized, fire-engine-red hair or that come-hither smoky gray eye, but something—or everything—is working tonight. Loving this look. Fierce, contemporary, a bit 1980s catapulted into 2011.

WORST(?): Helena Bonham Carter

Okay, we have to finally ask—who is HBC's hair stylist and why is he/she still working? These 'dos are both hideous and predictable—another awards show, another rat's nest atop her head. We do give her credit, though, she goes for the shock value and gets it every time. Bravo?

WORST: Winona Ryder

Looks like someone just stepped out of the loony bin. That hairstyle is hideous—and what is  it? A bun? A ponytail? A bun and ponytail? A fishtail? And girl, get a spray tan, stat. You're beginning to look transparent.

BEST: Tina Fey

She looks incredible! The side chignon is equal parts sophisticated and sexy, and she's really mastered that red carpet pose. Loving that she chose a red dress and therefore kept the makeup simple and neutral. Well done.

BEST: Mila Kunis

Now this is what we expect from the goddess known as Mila Kunis. She looks unbelievably sexy and a tad mysterious. Her hair is light-years better than that beehive she had going on at the Globes; and, as usual, her makeup is dark and moody, which suits her personality flawlessly.

DRAW: Hilary Swank

Everything is pretty and golden with this look, but something's still amiss. Perhaps it's the Texas beauty pageant hair? Those big curls are a little too va-va-voom for us. On the bright side, her makeup is rather glam.