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The Best and Worst-Tressed of the Golden Globes

BEST: Anne Hathaway

She looked gorge. Makeup was simple, lips were the perfect shade of plum. We loved the volume in her hair and were happy she chose to wear her hair down. Note to self: find out who does Annie's highlights! We're obsessed with the color and placement.

BEST: Halle Berry

She is such a stunning woman, and we would expect nothing less at the Globes. The dark, smoky eye is phenom and the nude lip goes brilliantly with her all-black ensemble. With a short hairstyle, she rocks the bed head look.

BEST: January Jones

We usually loathe her red-carpet look, but we love this. Perfect old-Hollywood hair, perfect blonde color, perfect shade of red lips, perfect cat eye, perfect flawless skin, perfect full brow. Perfection. Bonus: nice cleavage! (Go ahead, make your "golden globes" jokes. We'll wait.)

BEST: Megan Fox

Viva old-Hollywood glam! The side part, the sensual curls, the volume, the arched brows, the heavy loaded lashes, it all just screams movie star. We like that she chose a pink lip as opposed to redâ??it gives the look a more contemporary, flirty feel. Too bad her acting isn't as hot as her red-carpet face.

BEST: Michelle Williams

Über-cute, like a young Twiggy. Her pixie haircut really shows off the gorgeous features of her face. We like that she chose to emphasize the eyes, but still in a very girly, non-sexual way. And the matte coral lippy goes perfectly with her fair skin.

WORST: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is so hot, but we have to be honest: this look isn't cutting it. It reminds us of the really pretty cheerleader who tries to look older than she is on prom night. We wish she'd have left her hair down and put some sex appeal into the makeupâ??a little sultry eye and a nude lip, maybe. Do it for the Oscars, Mila!

WORST: Natalie Portman

The red lip looks sensationalâ??it's definitely the focal point of the lookâ??but again, we wish she'd worn her hair down. It's better than Mila's, and the French twist looks elegant from the backâ??but it's still verging just this side of beehive from the front, and we can't endorse it in good conscience.

BEST: Olivia Wilde

We're "wilde" (ha, ha!) about this look. The pencil-straight hair, blunt bangs, emphasized eyes, creamy beige lipâ??it's all working in a very sexy way. She looks young, fresh and totally fun, like someone we'd want to hang out with! (And we admire her for carrying around 30 pounds of ballgown all night.)

WORST: Scarlett Johansson

Well, she definitely wins the award for worst updo. That thing on her head looks like it's hiding a nest of some sort. It's awfulâ??and she's such a pretty girl! The makeup's fine, but with hair like that, who can really focus on the face?

WORST: Jennifer Lopez

Honestly, We're on the fence. She looks good, but in a Miami-cheesy sort of way. That icy, bluish eye shadow is a little ridiculous. She wears a ponytail well, and her skin is always the perfect shade of tan, but the eyes are kind of killing it for us. A dark, smoky eye in a charcoal gray would've been a better choice.

BEST AND WORST: Helena Bonham Carter

On anyone else, this look would be a "Worst," hands-down. But all we've come to expect from Mrs. Tim Burton is that her beauty and fashion choices entertain us—and this does, all the way down to her shoes (one red, one green). Plus, underneath all the hair, her face actually looks quite pretty: porcelain skin, pretty eyes, an understated brownish lip. Here's lookin' at you, Helena!