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2011's Top Five Color Trends

Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor has worked with celebrities like Juliette Binoche, Kerry Washington, and Nina Garcia, as well as brands including Dior and Marchesa. We feel he's uniquely qualified to predict the top color trends of 2011...

Tribal Beauty

Tribal-inspired beauty has been working its way into fashion and beauty for a while now and is going to continue to permeate the mainstream. The November covers of French Vogue featured tribal-inspired beauty two years in a row, starting with Lucia Peroni's body painting on Isabelle Fontana in 2009, and followed by Natasha Poly made up by Aaron De Mey in 2010. The makeup created by Rose-Marie Swift for the album cover of Natasha Bedingfield's fourth solo album, Strip Me, fit into the same category [pictured], as did several of the looks from her kaleidoscopic music video of the same name.

Model Skin

Perfect skin has a whole new meaning.  It's impossible to not be transfixed by a beautiful, glowing complexion and flawless skin. When I apply foundation, I try to recreate the same translucent, illuminated skin possessed by supermodels I've worked with like Anja Rubik, Du Juan, Veronica Varekova and Elettra Wiedemann [pictured, on the right, with Monique Pean]. While tinted moisturizers have long been the lightweight alternative to heavy foundations in the quest for smooth-looking skin, a new generation of liquid foundations has emerged that proves you can fake it without looking fake. I've started using Teinte Miracle by Lancome, which perfects skin as needed but has a super-smooth texture, making it undetectable. New technology combines mineral core pigments, which are radiant without looking shiny, and liquid micro-mirrors, which can circulate skin's inner light. The ingredients are finer than the mother of pearl that is traditionally used. Liquid foundation is totally back and better than ever, and I think we're going to see more new formulas that look less like makeup and more like skin.

Lush, Lovely Lashes

The explosion of treatment mascaras was unmissable in 2010, as women demanded mascaras that created the look of longer, lusher lashes. False lashes will follow suit in 2011, with new styles that look more like your real lashes but better. Andrea Lash #21 blends with your own lashes, to fill in gaps and create a perfect fanned look. The Sweet Individuals, available only from Kre-At Beauty [pictured], have a unique "V" shape and have been worn on celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Julianna Margulies. Unlike traditional lashes, these lack the awkward knot at the bottom that can make individuals look fake, and they come in a set of three lengths so you can create your own flirty or winged lash look. My personal favorite way is to mix them up throughout—so it looks like you've got long healthy lashes, plus shorter baby ones just growing in!

Coco-Luxe Products

After discovering the pore-clogging effects of mineral oil in skincare, consumers demanded oil-free products. We now know that some types of oils are actually good for all skin types. Raw, organic coconut oil not only heals breakouts and soothes sensitive skin; it's also anti-bacterial, so it stays fresh without any preservatives. My friends and I are obsessed with the Raw Coconut Cream from RMS Beauty [pictured; available online or at Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor in New York]. It's organic, free from any toxins, and the best product out there for removing waterproof makeup without torturing your face and eyelashes. You just scoop up a bit with your finger, and as you massage it on, it melts into a liquid and dissolves away makeup. Also, I love drinking coconut water (buy frozen if you can find it; otherwise, try O.N.E.). It's so much more hydrating than water, and doesn't have the artificial sugars and sweeteners of sports drinks. It's the only way I survive when my clients go on the early morning shows!

Makeup Artists Take Over Television!

In 2011, expect a makeup-artist television takeover! Shows featuring makeup artists like Project Runway and the cult favorite Blush have already made their (beauty) mark. Meanwhile, devotees of Isaac Mizrahi and Iman are loving the revamped The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, featuring Mally Roncal [pictured] of namesake line Mally Beauty. The Syfy channel will launch Face Off, a new reality competition showcasing fierce creations by special effects artists. Also, Billy B—known for his work with superstars like Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, and Mary J Blige—will apply his mastery of the makeover in a new way this spring when he debuts his own series, Hometown Renovation, on HGTV. The show will follow him as he restores and preserves historic buildings in his hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi.