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Best and Worst-Tressed at the 2010 AMAs

Katy Perry: Simply elegant. Her hairstylist, Danilo, says: Her look was classic Hollywood with a contemporary twist. Katy wanted big, voluminous hair for the show.

Ke$ha: There's so much wrong with this photo, we don't know where to begin. The studded eyebrows are never going to be a trend—ever. And that hair looks like it's going to hurt to comb out. Sometimes, it's better to play it safe than play it wild.

Jessica Alba: Quite possibly our favorite look of the night. The low ponytail adds sophistication, while the dark eyes give this look a moody quality. As always, she looks like a true Hollywood star.

Rihanna: Whoa, hair! She's going bright red, like Ronald McDonald (she could have at least tried for a natural hue). While her face is gorge (as always), that hair is tragic. My eyes are in shock.

Miley Cyrus: All grown up. The hair and makeup both reflect a mature, beautiful woman. Notice how the makeup doesn't overpower the natural features of her face. She's looking more like a role model and less like a transvestite. Bravo!

Taylor Swift: Gone are the teenybopper curls (hold for applause)... and we're loving this straight, sleek style. She looks like a completely different person—in a good way. Hopefully, the curls are put to rest forever.