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The Outsiders Guide to LA

Amanda Peet, actress, and Tina Chai, stylist

Elvis Mitchell, film critic, commentator, and host of KCRW’s The Treatment

Brady Cunningham, designer and owner of the store Ten Over Six, with Jason schwartzman, actor and musician 

Bettina Korek, founder of For Your Art

Bret Easton Ellis, author

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte,
with Shirley Kurata (center), stylist

Spike Jonze, film director and creative director of VBS

Nicole Cari, press and marketing director of Band of Outsiders,with Jacob Soboroff, AMC News correspondent

Sarah Silverman, actor and comedian, with Aziz Ansari, actor and comedian

Gabe Doppelt, editor of “Sexy Beast” on TheDailyBeast.com

Kevin West, west coast editor of W Magazine

Michelle Williams, actress

Dimitri Dimitrov, maître d’ of the Tower Bar and Restaurant

Jenny Le, retail manager of Opening Ceremony L.A.

Daniel Pipski, film producer, with Erin Zimring, screenwriter, and their babies, Juniper and Felix

Jessica de Ruiter, stylist, with Lawren Howell,
contributing editor to Vogue

Paul Jasmin, photographer, with Paul Fortune, interior designer