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Prepster in the Sun

On Rila: Cardigan: Prada. T-shirt: A.P.C. Shorts: Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers. Scarf: Louis Vuitton. Belt: Vintage Burberry. Bracelet: Yves Saint Laurent.

On Max: Jacket: Woolrich. T-shirt: Calvin Klein. Jeans: Levi’s for Opening Ceremony. Boxers: Steven Alan. Hat: Paul Smith. Headphones: Wesc. bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Belt: American Apparel.

On Mikhael: Shirt, sweater, and shorts: Lacoste. T-shirt, boxers, and socks: Uniqlo. Socks (worn underneath): Ralph Lauren. Tie (as belt): Hermès. Shoes: Church’s.

On Louis: Shirt and pants: Comme des Garçons. T-shirt: A.P.C. Hat and socks: Paul Smith. Belt: vintage. Shoes: Church’s.

On Tsubasa: Blazer: Gap. Sweater: Lacoste. Shorts: Levi’s. Boxers: Uniqlo. Belt: stylist’s own.

On Patrick: Coat, shirt, and boxers: A.P.C. Shorts and scarf: Gap. Socks: Happy Socks. Shoes: Steven Alan for Keds. Sunglasses (on bag): Ralph Lauren. Bag: Lands’ End.

On Mikhael: Shirt: Gant. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Tie: Moschino.

On Tsubasa: Vest: Lacoste. Shirt: Paul Smith. Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren. Belt: J.Crew. Socks: Happy Socks. Shoes: Sperry.

On Max: Jacket: Louis Vuitton. Shirt: Ralph Lauren. T-shirt: Moschino. Pants: Paul Smith. Boxers: A.P.C. Belt: Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers.

On Ian: Shirt and T-shirt: Gant. Pants, belt, and socks: Ralph Lauren. Boxers: Steven Alan. Bag: A.P.C. Socks: Uniqlo. Shoes: Church’s.

On Shih-Han: Vest: Michael Bastion. Sweater: Uniqlo. Shorts: Louis Vuitton. Hat: Y-3. Scarf: A Peace Treaty. Shoes: N.D.C.

On Adam: Shirt and tie (as belt): J.Crew. Shorts: United Colors of Benetton. Boxers: Steven Alan. Headband: stylist’s own. Backpack and Socks: Uniqlo. Wristband: vintage. Shoes: Nike.

Cosmetics: Maybelline, including Pure Mineral Liquid Foundation. Hair: Andre Gunn/The Wall Group. Makeup: Mizu/Susan Price, Inc. Models: Rila/Trump, Max Krieger/Q, Mikhael Ayoub/Request, Louis Liu, Tsubasa Watanabe/Major, Patrick Wessel/Next, Ian O’Brien/Ford, Shih-Han Hsiao/New York Models, and Adam Lundberg/PGK. Prop Styling: Ugo Dumont. Special Thanks: Fast Ashleys.