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Michael Alig

Michael Alig in New York, 1992. Photo: Michael Fazakerley.

Michael Alig at Coxsackie Correctional Facility in Coxsackie, New York, February 2010. Portrait by Grant Delin.

Michael Alig (right) with Clara the Carefree Chicken and friends at Limelight, November 1991. Photo: © Patrick McMullan.

Michael Alig, Fernando (rear), and Keoki at photographer Catherine McGann’s East Village apartment, March 1991. Photo: © Catherine McGann.

James St. James, Michael Alig, and Richie Rich at Limelight, June 1994.  Photo: © Patrick McMullan

Michael Alig at Lotto, October 1989. Photo: © Tina Paul.

Keoki and Michael Alig in their bedroom, May 1992. Photo: © Catherine McGann.

Michael Alig (right), Amanda Lepore (left), and friends at a dinner party at Limelight’s Disco 2000, August 1991. Photo: © Tina Paul.

James St. James and Michael Alig at the Style Summit at Palladium, May 1993.  Photo: © Tina Paul.

Lahoma Van Zandt, Michael Alig, his mother Elke (in bustier), and friends celebrate Alig’s birthday at Red Zone, April 1989. Photo: © Catherine McGann.

Michael Alig (center) and friends at Cave Canem, July 1989. Photo: © Catherine McGann

Angel Melendez at Susanne Bartsch’s party at Light, Wisdom & Sound, June 1993.  Photo: © Tina Paul.

Michael Alig, Christopher Comp, and Waltpaper at a rave at Macy’s department store in NYC, October 1992. Photos: © Catherine McGann.

Michael Alig after an Outlaw party at Burger King in Times Square, March 1990.  Photo: © Tina Paul.

Michael Alig at the opening of Red Zone, August 1988. Photos: © Catherine McGann.

Michael Alig (third from left) with Sophia Lamar, Jenny Talia, and friends at tunnel, March 1994.  Photo: © Patrick McMullan.

The exterior of Club USA, January 1993.  Photo: © Tina Paul.